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Why you should have supports delivered by an NDIS Registered Provider

Why you should have supports delivered by an NDIS Registered Provider

ndis registered providers

Did you know that there are registered and unregistered support providers? Have you ever wondered what the benefits of having services delivered by a registered provider are? Shine Disability Care is a NDIS Registered Provider and below we have listed our top reasons why you’d be better off with us?

Auditing Process

Registered Providers go through an extensive auditing process done by third party companies to ensure that they follow the NDIS best practices and guidelines that are proportionate to the size and scale of their companies. This means that you can be assured that NDIS policy and procedures are being followed and that the company you’re dealing with have qualified support workers and the correct insurances for your protection.

The NDIS was created so that participants have support to reach their goals and be included in the community. NDIS Registered Providers have the tools to implement plans that assist you to reach these goals and personnel that can modify or adapt a plan if your goals change. By having support services completed by an unregistered provider from we have seen the sessions turn into more of a baby sitting service rather than an interactive session that is purely focused on your goals.

Miss Conceptions of NDIS Registered Providers

Some people believe that registered providers lose the personal service that you get from an unregistered provider or support worker. With Shine Disability Care you get the best of both worlds. We spend our time to find you a support worker within our team that will most suit you and we don’t keep swapping support staff around. We know that you and other participants want to have structure and have someone you can build a working relationship with. This is what separates Shine Disability Care from the large NDIS companies that are out there.

If you would like more information about Shine Disability Care and the services, we provide please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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