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How We Maximize Your NDIS Budget

How We Maximize Your NDIS Budget

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What is the role of a Shine Disability Care Case Manager?
Our Case Managers work closely with participants and their families, nominee or representative to ensure they are well supported, that they understand their NDIS funding, and how to make the most of their funding.

What our Case Managers can do:
  • Help explain NDIS funding and budgets
  • Ensure budgets are on track
  • Provide advice and strategies to manage overspending or underspending on budgets
  • Connect participants with Support Coordinators if funding has been allocated for this
  • Answer questions about reasonable and necessary and assisting Participants to make informed decisions

  • Each NDIS plan is unique, which is why our Case Managers tailor their support to suit your needs.
    support coordinator
    How can a Case Manager help maximise your NDIS plan?
    Whether you’re new to Shine Disability Cares Plan Management or have been with us for a while, our Case Managers are always available to help you understand your plan better and to help you to make informed decisions about your funding. One of the best ways to ensure you are making the most of your NDIS funding, without overspending or underspending is to understand your budgets and how they breakdown into accessible support hours. This is something our Case Managers can assist you with to help you to feel confident knowing that you have better choice and control over how your funding is being used.

    Shine Disability Care and Support Coordinators
    While Case Managers and Support Coordinators have different roles, they can work together to help you manage and make the most of your NDIS plan. The role of your Support Coordinator is focused on helping you build capacity and assisting you to engage supports to achieve your goals, while the role of your Case Manager is focused on the financial management of your NDIS plan.

    Not all participants will have funding provided for support coordination. However, if funding has been allocated and you are yet to engage a support coordinator, your Case Manager can provide some suggestions for you to explore.

    If funding has not been allocated for support coordination, your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) is there to help you get your plan up and running. In the event that your LAC is unable to assist, our Case Managers can provide additional support for self-management capacity building or assistance with decision making, budgeting and planning.

    If you have any questions about the role of a Case Manager or how they can assist you to maximise your NDIS plan funding, please contact our director on 0415 438 056 or

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