How to get the most from your NDIS Plan

When thinking about the NDIS, the most important thing to remember is it was created to assist you and is all about you. We talk to people all the time that state that their plan doesn’t cover the cost for the full assistance they require.

There are a few important things to consider for you to get the most from your plan. These are the things we value as the most important:

Know how the NDIS works and know the different terminology used
We all know that understanding government funded schemes can be complicated to understand, however it’s important that you do your best to understand how it works so that you know how to get the funds that you’re entitled to. If you are unsure or need assistance then there is plenty of support out there for you:

  • You can ask questions for free on Facebook via the many Facebook groups that have been created for NDIS participants, NDIS family supports and NDIS plan managers.
  • You can contact NDIS plan managers directly and see if they will answer some questions for you or alternatively pay for the services of a Plan Manager as they are specialised in getting the most from your plan.

    Learn and keep a copy of the NDIS Price Guide
    The NDIS price guide is easily accessible from the NDIS website directly or through our website at NDIS Pricing 2020/21. Knowing the price of services empowers you to calculate what funds you may require considering your own personal needs.

    Create a list of goals that you want to achieve
    Making the time to sit and create a list of goals you want to achieve will also help you calculate the funds needed to achieve these goals. The important thing to remember here is, this is why the NDIS was created in the first place. That is help you reach your goals and help you integrate into the community.

    Be prepared for your plan meeting
    You need to ensure that you have all the information you may need for your plan meeting. It is better to be overprepared the underprepared. The type of information that will assist you here would consist of:

  • Medical reports: this would be reports from your GP, specialists, therapy workers and any support reports you have access to.
  • Potential supports and support providers that you have been researching.
  • Your list of goals you have created and costings spreadsheets that show how the funding you require will assist you and are necessary for you to achieve your goals.

    These are just a few important things that we feel will be relevant and help you get the most from your NDIS funding. If you do require assistance or any support services, please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Shine Disability Care